Streaming SQL In Your Existing Database

Deliver instant and always up-to-date results for complex queries with Epsio’s streaming SQL engine.

Heavy Queries

Deliver instant results to your heaviest queries with a single SQL command.


Maintain complex denormalizations that are always up-to-date, without writing any custom code or triggers


Build complex analytics dashboards that load instantly inside your existing transactional database.

Trusted By Companies Worldwide
“Our new real-time Catalog and Index architecture is built on top of Epsio. Two key main incremental views saved us hundreds of coding hours.”
Gourav Das Photo

Gourav Das

Chief Product and Technology Officer


“Epsio simplifies hard to keep up-to-date caching solutions & saves a lot of compute cost with a simple materialized query!”

Mahesh Keralapura

Chief Architect, Okta

“Epsio allows teams to get exponential improvement for their worst performing queries in an extremely cost efficient way."

Asanka Jayasuriya

Former CTO, SailPoint

“Epsio allows busy developers to focus on shipping value instead of constantly trying to scale and optimize their databases.”

Ran Ribenzaft

CTO, Epsagon

What is Streaming SQL?

Streaming SQL engines efficiently maintain up-to-date results for complex queries by incrementally updating the results whenever the underlying data changes, without ever recalculating the entire dataset.

Streaming SQL Mobile


Results are always pre-calculated



Results constantly update whenever the underlying data changes



Only changes in data are processed, significantly reducing infrastructure costs

Start Streaming with a Single SQL Command

Epsio is a SQL-first streaming engine. It does not require any custom code, only the creation of an Epsio view with a simple SQL command.

Support for all major SQL operators (JOIN, CTEs, GROUP BY, etc.)

Single SQL Command

Case Study

Case Study Image

Dazz used to allocate considerable R&D resources to maintaining complex SQL queries. Learn how they used Epsio to automate this process.

Seamlessly Integrate

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Database

Epsio is deployed within your environment on a separate instance. It receives the replication stream from your original database, and updates results table in the same database.

No sensitive data  leaves your environment

No database migrations are needed

Epsio never affects any other queries running in your database

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