Incremental views for your existing database

Epsio’s streaming SQL engine incrementally updates results for your queries without ever re-calculating the entire dataset.

Supports all major operators (JOIN, CTEs, GROUP BY, etc.)

Integrates with PostgreSQL, MySQL and MSSQL.

"Epsio simplifies hard to keep up-to-date caching solutions & saves a lot of compute cost with a simple materialized query! It scales the compute cost to be proportional to the rate of change of data rather than the volume of data!"

Mahesh Keralapura

Chief Architect, Okta

"I’m so excited about Epsio because their tech allows teams to get exponential improvement for their worst performing queries in an extremely cost efficient way."
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Asanka Jayasuriya

Former CTO, SailPoint

"Epsio is a game-changer for fast-growing companies. It allows busy developers to focus on shipping value instead of constantly trying to scale and optimize their databases."
Ran Ribenzaft

Ran Ribenzaft

CTO, Epsagon

How Epsio’s incremental views work

Whenever the data underlying a query changes Epsio processes the changes and incrementally updates the results of the query, no matter how complicated it is.

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Works with your existing database

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Deployed in your own environment

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Calculations are made on a separate instance

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